Sunday, July 24, 2011

The All American Hippie

Buffalo Bill Suede fringe vest. 70's Brady Flower Pow Middriff. U.S.A Gilligan's Beach Destroyed Denim Cutoff's. Americana Beaded Crochet Cross Body Bag. Vintage Sunnies.

Super Woodstock and ready for some rock n' roll. We love destroyed denims, DIY it by cutting up the ends of the shorts and sending it through the wash and dry about 50 times and you'll get this look. We'll be adding loads of new DIY vintage shorties in pretty soon so keep an eYe out for the shredded overload. Plus, every gal should have destroyed denims and a super fringed vest like this one. Pile on the accessoreis, throw on your clogs, put two fingers in the air and sing 'Fooooxey Laaaaady'...    :)

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