Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Joplin Duster

Floral print sheer Joplin Duster. DIY destroyed denim shorts. vintage sunnies.brown vintage boots

We love Janis Joplin and we totally invoke her essence in this look. A super sheer two-tone floral vine print maxi duster that turns into a dress. Its fun and flowy, like wearing lingerie but not!! If we didn't already have this in our collection it would totally be in my chic wishlist!!! Its part of my everyday uniform---sshhh (keep it a secret :)
It's the vintage way...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


DIY Apache tribal vest, floral eye patch bells, Swedish Hasbeen clogs

A total 70's Foxey Cleopat look. This DIY men's shirt was turned into a women's pull over vest. To get this look cut off the arms, cinch the waist, add pleats and voila...Safari Style! These are our favorite straight from the 70's Vintage Flower embroidered bell bottom pants. A small size but perfect for the right Gal!! We love piling on the jewlery so add some funky vintage styled bangles and you have an awesome summer look. Wanna Fall-A-lize it, layer a long sleeve knit sweater or hoodie underneath and you have a perfect back-to-school look!!

Searching the globe for vintage goodies, one pile at a time!!
xoxo  HTV

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The All American Hippie

Buffalo Bill Suede fringe vest. 70's Brady Flower Pow Middriff. U.S.A Gilligan's Beach Destroyed Denim Cutoff's. Americana Beaded Crochet Cross Body Bag. Vintage Sunnies.

Super Woodstock and ready for some rock n' roll. We love destroyed denims, DIY it by cutting up the ends of the shorts and sending it through the wash and dry about 50 times and you'll get this look. We'll be adding loads of new DIY vintage shorties in pretty soon so keep an eYe out for the shredded overload. Plus, every gal should have destroyed denims and a super fringed vest like this one. Pile on the accessoreis, throw on your clogs, put two fingers in the air and sing 'Fooooxey Laaaaady'...    :)

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Friday, July 22, 2011


Mexico City Tarot Fringe Dress Paired with Jefferey Campell Black Booties.

Ultra favorite dress with my ultra favorite booties.
This dress reminds me of a day in the hottest part of town picking out spices in the middle of a spanish bazar. Except this bad boy is all crochet so nothing but pure breeze going through to cool a gal down. Maybe because its 110 degrees out here...well whatever the case this is definitly my night-out-on-the-town oufit so don't get any ideas. I found this baby thrifting and it's definity got my name written all over it, but this model is sure wearing the mess out of it!!

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