Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Stars That Can...

 Next time you think to yourself that you can't wear vintage fashion because you think its umm, 
"not your style"
"doesn't fit your body type"
or my ultimate fav, 
"my mom use to wear that"
just think of all the young celebrities that DO IT, 
and Do it WELL.

I'm not one to tell someone to dress like the stars but looking like a mass produced clone is totally uninspiring and making this world a tad bit BLAH.
Mix a lil vintage wear in with your modern wardrobe and you ultimately become, "Wow _____, you look 'different' today"

Well DUH!! Thats the idea...

The last photo shows Mary Kate Ashley wearing a dress similar to our Vintage Tangerine Beaded 80's Body Con Dress. She looks like a SUPER BABE and so can you!!!

So the next time you do a little shopping, dare to be slightly insane. A few of my favorite fashion do-ers: Abbey LEE, ofcourse the Olsen Twins, Nicole Richie, and Drew Barrymore's 90's Grunge look. And a many model's of duty's are a good fashion checkup. 

Hope you enjoyed, till next time.

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